Headaches & Pain News

Jan 29, 2019
Sleep loss heightens pain sensitivity, dulls brain’s painkilling response
Study finds neural glitches in the sleep-deprived brain intensify and prolong the agony of sickness and injury.
Nov 13, 2018
Pain can be a self-fulfilling prophecy
New brain imaging research shows that when we expect something to hurt it does, even if the stimulus isn't so painful.
Oct 01, 2018
Research teams find widespread inflammation in the brains of fibromyalgia patients
PET imaging studies reveal elevated glial activation, correlation with fatigue levels.
Sep 06, 2018
A new theory for phantom limb pain points the way to more effective treatment
Researcher develops new theory for the origin phantom limb pain; hypothesis builds on previous work on a revolutionary treatment for the condition that uses machine learning and augmented reality.
Aug 17, 2018
FDA clears non-opioid peripheral nerve stimulation systems for pain management
Company with first and only dual lead capable PNS platform also provides first look at 12-month durability outcomes following 60-day therapy.
Jun 28, 2018
Men with migraine may have higher estrogen levels
While it has been known that estrogen plays a role in migraine for women, new research shows that the female sex hormone may also play a role in migraine for men.
May 18, 2018
FDA approves novel preventive treatment for migraine
First FDA-approved preventive migraine treatment in a new class of drugs that work by blocking the activity of calcitonin gene-related peptide.
May 03, 2018
Study sheds light on genetic foundation of migraines
Study shows why some families are susceptible to migraines and how genetics may influence the type of migraine they get.
Apr 27, 2018
Multiple sclerosis drug could reduce painful side effects of common cancer treatment
Researchers have discovered why many multiple myeloma patients experience severe pain when treated with the anticancer drug bortezomib.
Apr 25, 2018
Managing chronic pain with light
Scientists develop new method that uses light to manage neuropathic pain in mice.
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