We mourn Lewis Rowland MD, founding member of the Editorial Board

Dr. Rowland, 91, was a beloved, world-renowned, and highly influential neurologist and academic leader for a half century. He and his close associate, Dr. Salvatore DiMauro were founding members of the MedLink Editorial Board and Senior Associate Editors for Neuromuscular Disorders. Dr. Rowland was a member of the Editorial Board Executive Committee and an active contributor to MedLink Neurology until his recent death. We will miss his humanity, his email missives, and incisive comments at our Editorial Board meetings.

Read his obituary here.


"The passing of Dr. Bud Rowland on March 16, 2017 marks one of the saddest days in the world of Neurology.  His death also represents a deep personal loss as I have always considered Bud as one of my most important mentors and my “professional father”.   He selected me as his Chief Resident when I was at the Neurological Institute, Columbia University in mid 1970s.  We have remained close friends ever since.  His warmth, empathy, wisdom, and generosity were unmatched by anyone else I have ever met in my life.  His extraordinary insights into human nature and his keen sense of humor were exemplified in his lecture on “mentorship” during a dinner celebrating the 30th anniversary of my Parkinson’s Disease Center at Baylor College of Medicine in 2007. This giant among giants in the world Neurology will be missed by thousands of his descendants and many more he touched during his extraordinary life.  He was simply the definition of a Mensch!  May he rest in peace and may his memory live in our hearts forever." -- Joseph Jankovic MD


"Early in 1989 I received a call from Bud Rowland. He was organizing his tour of duty as in-coming president of the American Academy of Neurology and with little preamble he said ‘Tony, I know you are an internationalist. Would you take the chair of the AAN International Affairs Committee?’ This was a standing committee of the AAN and with some naiveté I answered, ‘I will take it if I can continue being liaison to the Pan-American Congress’. Clearly, the position of chair of the IAC was weightier than the post of liaison, but despite this initial ‘faux-pas’ I was appointed.  

It was a privilege to serve with Bud. He was knowledgeable, insightful, patient, and had the ability to defuse situations or transmit important messages through precisely targeted and very funny comments. During his mandate, the AAN opened to the international community and today 35% of attendees to the Annual Meeting are international registrants.

My wife Susan befriended Esther Rowland and this led to both couples enjoying multiple breakfasts at AAN meetings. Strong memories have more presence than physical existence and in this regard Bud Rowland made an indelible imprint in those of us who knew him well." -- Antonio Culebras MD FAAN