Infectious Disorders News

Nov 18, 2019
New clinical guideline for the treatment and prevention of drug-resistant tuberculosis
New guideline emphasizes treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis with all-oral regimens and provides recommendations for treatment of all contacts to mdr-tuberculosis patients.
Jul 16, 2019
Persistent HIV DNA in spinal fluid may be associated with cognitive challenges
Study shows that HIV DNA remains in the CSF of many people with well-managed HIV, confirming that the CNS is a major reservoir for latent HIV.
Jul 10, 2019
CDC urges doctors to rapidly recognize and report acute flaccid myelitis cases
Intense effort underway to understand and prevent this serious neurologic syndrome.
Jan 23, 2019
New skin test detects prion infection before symptoms appear
Proof-of-concept study demonstrates test's preclinical utility.
Feb 13, 2018
When the body attacks the brain: Immune system often to blame for encephalitis, study finds
Study results suggest that doctors should search for autoimmune causes in addition to infectious causes when evaluating patients with encephalitis.