Neuroimmunology News

Nov 09, 2017
Autoimmunity may underlie newly discovered painful nerve-damage disorder
Nov 07, 2017
MRIs of West Nile virus victims show evidence of long-term neurological damage
Brain images of people who developed neurologic complications from West Nile virus show evidence of brain damage years after the original infection.
Nov 06, 2017
Depressed with a chronic disease? Consider alternative therapies
Scientists find that commonly prescribed antidepressants aren't effective in people battling both depression and a chronic medical disease, raising a critical question of whether doctors should enact widespread changes in how they treat millions of depressed Americans.
Nov 03, 2017
Blood-clotting protein prevents repair in the brain
Study may lead to new treatments for diseases like multiple sclerosis.
Oct 23, 2017
A little myelin goes a long way to restore nervous system function
Findings reinforce hypothesis that thin myelin sheaths are a valid, persistent marker of remyelination.
Oct 13, 2017
Multiple sclerosis risk in children spotted with MRI brain scans
MRIs can reveal changes in the brain associated with multiple sclerosis before the clinical symptoms of the disease appear in children.
Oct 02, 2017
Healthy lifestyle linked to lower pain in multiple sclerosis sufferers
No smoking, regular exercise, healthy weight, and balanced diet could help people with multiple sclerosis to manage their pain.
Sep 18, 2017
Study uncovers markers for severe form of multiple sclerosis
Scientists have uncovered two closely related cytokines that may explain why some people develop progressive multiple sclerosis, perhaps pointing the way toward developing a novel treatment to prevent progressive forms of the disease.
Sep 13, 2017
Vitamin D levels in blood may help predict risk of multiple sclerosis
Study suggests that correcting vitamin D deficiency in young and middle-age women may reduce their future risk of multiple sclerosis.
Aug 08, 2017
One step closer in explaining multiple sclerosis relapse during upper respiratory infection
Researchers shed light on what may be happening in the brains of MS patients during upper respiratory infections
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