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Ava Yun Lin MD PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Michigan Medicine

Throughout my academic career, I have significantly contributed to the field of basic science and neuromuscular clinical science, leaving a remarkable impact through an extensive body of work. As the lead writer for an ultimately funded R01 grant, I've employed my expertise and strategic insights to secure crucial funding for important research projects. My scholarly pursuits have also led to several peer-reviewed papers, further strengthening the knowledge base in these complex scientific disciplines. Beyond the realm of publishing, I have been an active participant in national conferences, contributing to the scholarly dialogue through delivering insightful talks and engaging poster presentations. Today, as a dedicated professional at Michigan Medicine, I am committed to driving healthcare innovations. I'm tirelessly striving to establish cutting-edge programs that will elevate our level of care. Among these initiatives are a dedicated pediatric comprehensive nerve clinic and a focus on pediatric dysautonomic disorders, both aimed at better addressing the needs of our youngest patients. Moreover, I am deeply involved in the development of next-generation treatments for facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, further exemplifying my dedication to advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes.

Contributor Disclosures

Dr. Lin of Michigan Medicine has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.