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Former Editorial Board Members

Founding Editors-In-Chief

Sid Gilman MD (1992- 2012)

Gary W Goldstein MD (1992-1997)

Stephen G Waxman MD PhD (1992-1997)

Successor Editors-In-Chief

J Timothy Greenamyre MD PhD (2013-2017)


Founding Senior Associate Editors

Michael Aldrich MD (Sleep Disorders: 1995-2000)

Michael J Aminoff MD (Neurology of Medical Disorders: 1996-2004)

Robert Brown MD (Peripheral Neuropathies: 1995-1997)

Robert A Davidoff MD (Headache: 1996-2001)

Daryl De Vivo (Metabolic Disorders in Childhood: 1995-2017)

Salvatore DiMauro MD (Neuromuscular Disorders: 1992-2017)

James Goodwin MD (Neuro-Ophthalmology: 1994-2019)

Harry S Greenberg MD (Neuro-Oncology: 1993-2008)

Richard T Johnson MD (Infectious Disorders: 1992-2015)

Edward M Kaye MD (Childhood Degenerative Disorders: 1993-2007)

David S Knopman MD (Behavioral Disorders: 1995-2001)

Hugo Moser MD (Childhood Degenerative Disorders: 1993-2007)

Lewis P Rowland MD (Neuromuscular Disorders: 1995-2017)

Peter J Whitehouse MD PhD (Behavioral Disorders: 1993-1996)

Successor Senior Associate Editors

Edward Dropcho MD (Neuro-Oncology: 2008-2017)

Martin R Farlow MD (Behavioral Disorders: 2001-2023)

James Garbern MD PhD (Neurodegenerative Disorders in Childhood: 2008-2011)

Y Pierre Gobin MD (Interventional Neurology: 2006-2007)

Vallabh Janardhan MD (Interventional Neurology: 2006-2013)

Shashidhar H Kori MD (Interventional Neurology: 2000-2003)

Walter J Koroshetz MD (Neurology of Medical Disorders: 2004-2006)

Jeffrey S Kutcher MD (General Neurology: 2006-2010)

Norman Latov MD PhD (Peripheral Neuropathies: 1997-2003)

Zachary London MD (Neurologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease: 2006-2018)

Suresh K Mukherji MD (Neuroradiology: 2003-2016)

Christopher F O’Brien MD (Movement Disorders: 1997-2000)

Marc C Patterson MD FRACP (Neurodegenerative Disorders in Childhood: 2007-2009)

Alan Percy MD (Childhood Metabolic Disorders: 1999-2007)

Valerie A Purvin MD (Neuro-Ophthalmology: 1997-2000)

Tyler Reimschisel MD (Metabolic Disorders in Childhood: 2008-2018)

Raphael Schiffmann MD (Neurodegenerative disorders in childhood: 2011-2021)

Sherman C Stein MD (Neurosurgery: 1998-2012)

John N Whitaker MD (Neuro-immunology: 1993-2001)

Justin Zivin MD PhD (Cerebrovascular Disorders: 1998-2001)


Founding Associate Editors

Paula Dore-Duffy PhD (Neuroimmunology: 1995-2000)

Successor Associate Editors

Harold Adams Jr MD (Cerebrovascular Disorders: 1996-1999)

Roger Albin MD (Movement Disorders: 2000-2003)

Peter Barth MD PhD (Developmental Malformations: 1994–2018)

Alan R Berger MD (Peripheral Neuropathies: 2003-2004)

Martha D Carlson MD PhD (Neurodegenerative Disorders in Childhood: 2005-2009)

Gary D Clark MD (Developmental Disorders: 2016-2017)

David W Dodick MD (Headache: 2008-2010)

Lisa Emrick MD (Metabolic Disorders in Childhood: 2018-2020)

Jennifer Friedman MD (Metabolic Disorders in Childhood: 2020-2023)

Diana Gomez-Hassan MD PhD (Neuroradiology: 2003-2016)

James G Greene MD (General Neurology: 2013-2019)

David A Griesemer MD (Pediatric Neurology: 1997-2007)

Michio Hirano MD (Neuromuscular Disorders: 2014-2018)

K K Jain MD (Therapies, 1997-2021)

Vallabh Janardhan MD (Interventional Neurology: 2006-2013)

Thanh Nguyen MD (Interventional Neurology: 2010-2013)

C P Panayiotopoulos MD PhD (Epilepsy: 2002-2020)

Ann Poncelet MD (Neurology of Medical Disorders: 1998-2006)

Karen L Roos MD FAAN (Infectious Diseases: 2014-2020)

Todd Rozen MD (Headache: 1998-2008)

Jeffrey Saver MD (Cerebrovascular Disorders: 2001-2008)

Gaurang V Shah MD MBBS (Neuroradiology: 2003-2016)

Joseph R Siebert PhD (Developmental Malformations: 2017-2021)

Christina Ulane MD PhD (Neuromuscular Disorders: 2017-2020)

Jeffrey M Vance MD PhD (Peripheral Neuropathies: 2000-2003)

Madhu Vijayappa MD (Interventional Neurology: 2012-2013)

Peter D Williamson MD (Epilepsy: 1998-2002)