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Olalla Urdanibia-Centelles MD PhD

Senior Hospital Physician
Department of Clinical Neurophysiology
Copenhagen University Hospital
Rigshospitalet, Region Hovedstaden

Dr. Olalla Urdanibia-Centelles is a medical doctor with a specialization in clinical neurophysiology. Holding a PhD in neuroscience, Dr. Urdanibia-Centelles has dedicated her career to the multifaceted exploration of the human brain.

Currently immersed in the realm of neurophysiology, Dr. Urdanibia-Centelles specializes in the field of epilepsy and epilepsy surgery. Her work involves delving deep into the intricate mechanisms underlying epileptic seizures, seeking innovative approaches for treatment, and improving surgical interventions to enhance patient outcomes.

Dr. Urdanibia-Centelles' commitment extends beyond clinical practice; she actively researches initiatives that bridge the gap between aging, sleep, and epilepsy.

Contributor Disclosures

Dr. Urdanibia-Centelles of Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Region Hovedstaden has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.