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Intraoperative posterior tibial evoked potential, 4 hours and 12 minutes

Intraoperative measurement 4 hours and 12 minutes after anesthetic induction. Left posterior tibial stimulation: the amplitude (P37-N45) of the cortical potentials recovered somewhat, but the latency remains increased, and the amplitude of the cervical potentials remains reduced. Right sided stimulation now shows an increase in the latency of the cervical and cortical (N45) potentials. Left sided cortical potentials: P37 34.4 msec; N45 41.3 msec; 0.81 microvolts; Left sided cervical potentials: 27.4 msec; 0.21 microvolts; Right sided cortical potentials: P37 33.6 msec; N45 38.0 msec; 0.73 microvolts. (Contributed by Dr. Marcio A Sotero de Menezes.)

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