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Infectious aneurysm

This 58-year-old man with infective endocarditis developed new right hemiparesis after 1 week of antibiotic treatment. (A) Brain CT scan showed a massive left frontal lobar hematoma with intraventricular extension. (B) CT angiogram demonstrated an associated spherical 4 mm x 5 mm aneurysm. (C) At craniotomy, the aneurysm was clipped and the hematoma evacuated with improvement in mass effect. The patient experienced modest clinical improvement. (Contributed by Dr. James Brorson).

Associated Disorders

  • Atrial myxoma
  • Bacterial endocarditis
  • Cerebral abscess
  • Choriocarcinoma
  • Dissection
  • Meningitis
  • Sepsis
  • Septicemia