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Eliane Kobayashi MD PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

At the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, Dr. Kobayashi works as an epileptologist and electroencephalographer. She is program director for the MNI Frederick Andermann clinical fellowship in epileptology and EEG, and director of the MNI Epilepsy Pediatric Transition clinic and program.

Her research interests further include neuroimaging/neurophysiology of epilepsy (using MEG/MSI, EEG/ESI, PET, fMRI and fNIRS) and ex-vivo evaluation of biomarkers in resected brain tissue.

Contributor Disclosures

Dr. Kobayashi of McGill University received a research grant from UCB Canada as a clinical trial investigator and an honorarium from UCB Canada as a guest speaker.