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Excerpt of a polygraphic recording of hypnic Jerk during stage 2 non-rapid eye movement

The EMG activity originates in the left paraspinalis muscle and then spreads to the more cranial and rostral axial and limb muscles, without any rostro-caudal order as better visible at high paper speed (right part).

Legend: EOG: electrooculogram, Mylo: mylohyoideus muscle,Orbic.: orbicularis muscle,Mass: masseter muscle, Delt.: deltoideus muscle, Wrist Extens.: wrist extensor muscle, Rect. Abd.: rectus abdominis muscle, Parasp.: paraspinalis muscle, Rectus Fem.: rectus femoralis muscle, Tib. Ant.: tibialis anterior muscle, ECG: electrocardiogram, Resp. Thor-Abd.: thoraco-abdominal respirogram, R.: right, L.: left.

(Used with permission from Elsevier. From: Baldelli L, Provini F. Fragmentary hypnic myoclonus and other isolated motor phenomena of sleep. Sleep Med Clin 2021;16(2):349-61.)

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