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Colpocephaly in a newborn (cranial ultrasonography and CT)

(A) Diagnosis of hydrocephalus was made in utero by ultrasonography. (B and C) Coronal sections of ultrasonography showing significant dilatation of occipital horns with vertical but normal in size front horns. Choroid plexi are normal. (D) Parasagittal section shows the dilated temporal and occipital horns (left); the roof of the ventricle is thin due to the absence of the corpus callosum. (E and F) Axial CT confirms dilatation of the (E) occipital horns and (F) temporal horns of the lateral ventricles and absence of the corpus callosum. (From: Sarnat HB. Cerebral dysgenesis. Embryology and clinical expression. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992a:238.)

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