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A brighter brain future for all: AAN sets new vision for brain health by 2050

Do you want to improve your brain health? Neurologists, the experts in brain health, have a plan. The American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the world’s largest association of neurologists and neuroscience professionals with over 40,000 members, is sharing its vision to improve the nation’s brain health by 2050. The new vision is part of a new AAN position statement on brain health, published online September 20, 2023, in Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

The AAN’s vision for national brain health by 2050 includes:

  • Brain health research that leads to scientific breakthroughs
  • Preventive neurology as a thriving cross-disciplinary field
  • Brain health practice guidelines that are available for all ages
  • Brain health visits, which become a standard of preventive care
  • Brain health education that is widely available and public engagement is high
  • A National Brain Health Plan established to guide research, care, and public engagement priorities

“Your brain controls every aspect of your life, so it’s important to keep it as healthy as possible,” said American Academy of Neurology President Carlayne E Jackson MD FAAN. “The American Academy of Neurology, which has promoted brain health for decades through its advocacy and public outreach, is proud to stand united with a coalition of multidisciplinary stakeholders as we pursue a plan to improve brain health across each stage of your life.”

Driven by neurology expert consensus, the AAN newly defines brain health as a continuous state of attaining and maintaining the optimal neurologic function that best supports one’s physical, mental, and social well-being through every stage of life.

The new position statement explains that brain health is crucial to optimizing both the function and well-being of every person at each stage of life and is key to both individual and social progress.

Neurologists treat diseases of the brain, and as brain health specialists they can advance brain health through preventive neurology. Preventive neurology offers strategies to prevent or slow the progression of brain disease. Jackson said, “Optimizing brain health with preventive care, accelerating scientific discovery, and advancing public policy will improve brain health for all.”

The position statement will be presented at the 2023 AAN Brain Health Summit being held on Thursday, September 21, which will bring together nearly 150 leaders in brain health, representing dozens of academic and research organizations, professional medical societies, and patient-centric associations, as well as key public and private sector stakeholders and United States policymakers as they continue to collaborate on shaping the future of brain health.

Source: News Release
American Academy of Neurology
September 20, 2023

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