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Epilepsia partialis continua progressing to hemitonic-clonic convulsions

EEG samples from a 12-year-old girl with epilepsia partialis continua of unknown etiology. Fast (3 to 10 Hz) twitching of the left eyelids progressed to left-sided tonic, and then clonic, convulsions mainly affecting the face and upper limb. Used with permission: Panayiotopoulos CP. The Epilepsies: Seizures, Syndromes and Management. Oxford: Bladon Medical Publishing, 2005.

Associated Disorders

  • Cerebrovascular stroke
  • Epilepsia partialis continua
  • Generalized tonic-clonic seizure
  • Hemiclonic seizure
  • Jacksonian march
  • Kozhevnikov- Rasmussen syndrome
  • Panayiotopoulos syndrome
  • Rolandic epilepsy
  • Todd paralysis