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Typical absence seizures in childhood absence epilepsy with aberrant features

A 6.3-year-old girl with a history of a few staring episodes per day. During sleep video-EEG, frequent generalized spike-wave discharges of around 3 Hz, or occasionally fragmented, brief, double-spike or spike-wave generalized discharges lasting less than half a second to 8 seconds, were recorded. In a few of the discharges, her eyes opened slightly and closed again after discharge. Awake video-EEG showed hyperventilation lasting about 1 second after generalized spike-wave discharge onset. She stopped overbreathing, her eyes opened, and although her stare was unsteady, she took a few steps forward. Some automatisms with her hands were also present. (Contributed by Dr. Athanasios Covanis.)

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Associated Disorders

  • Probably other idiopathic generalized epilepsies and benign focal epilepsies of childhood