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Radiation necrosis (brain sections)

Hematoxylin and eosin stained sections from a craniotomy specimen in a 55-year-old patient with cerebral radiation necrosis. Sections demonstrate the characteristic findings of radiation necrosis: confluent areas of coagulative necrosis, reactive astrocytes with bizarre nuclei, marked thickening and fibrinoid changes in blood vessels, and areas of hemorrhage. (A) 10 X, (B) 20 X, and (C) 40 X. (Contributed by Dr. Michael Glantz.)

Associated Disorders

  • Acute radiation encephalopathy
  • Central nervous system cancer
  • Chronic progressive radiation myelopathy
  • Delayed cerebral radiation necrosis
  • Myelopathy
  • Paraneoplastic nervous system disorders
  • Postradiation motor neuronopathy
  • Progressive space occupying radiation necrosis
  • Radiation-induced cranial neuropathy
  • Radiation-induced endocrine dysfunction
  • Radiation-induced peripheral nerve sheath tumors
  • Radiation-induced primary brain tumors
  • Radiation-related cognitive deficits
  • Radiation-related dementia
  • Radiation-related optic neuropathy
  • Radiation-related vasculopathy
  • Transient radiation brachial plexopathy