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Chemical structure of organophosphate nerve agent A-234

(a) Organophosphate structural backbone of Novichok agents. R=alkyl, alkoxy, aklylamino, or fluorine. X=halogen (F, Cl, Br) or pseudohalogen (CN). (b) Chemical structure of A-234 as described by Mirzayanov (Smithson et al 1995; Mirzayanov 2008). (c) Chemical structure of A-234 as described by Hoenig and Ellison (Hoenig 2006; Ellison 2008).

(Source: Chai PR, Hayes BD, Erickson TB, Boyer EW. Novichok agents: a historical, current, and toxicological perspective. Toxicol Commun 2018;2[1]:45-8. Creative Commons Attribution License,

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