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The Neurotransmitters: Stiff Person Syndrome

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Originally released: December 23, 2022

Stiff person syndrome (SPS) is a relatively rare neurologic disorder that often causes disabling muscle spasms. After Celine Dion recently announced she was diagnosed with SPS it has received significant attention in the news. What do you need to know to answer your patients' questions about this syndrome and to potentially identify it yourself? Today we'll talk about the common symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatments used for SPS.

Celine Dion's Instagram Post:

Stiff-Person Syndrome:

Stiff-Person Syndrome: A Treatment Update and New Directions:

Long-term effectiveness of IVIg Maintenance Therapy in 36 patients:

Evaluation of Treatment Outcomes in Patients with Stiff Person Syndrome with Rituximab vs. Standard of Care:

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