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Subarachnoid hemorrhage (CT)

Computed tomography shows blood in the subarachnoid space, basal cisterns, and ventricles. There is pooling of blood in the subfrontal region, anterior hemispheric fissure, both Sylvian fissures, and the pericallosal region, suggestive of an anterior communicating artery aneurysm. (Contributed by Dr. Ravindra Kumar Garg.)

Associated Disorders

  • acute headache
  • aphasia
  • brain edema
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • cerebral microbleeds
  • coma
  • dementia
  • gastrointestinal bleeding
  • hemiplegia
  • hemorrhagic infarct
  • hemorrhagic stroke
  • hydrocephalus
  • hypertension
  • hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage
  • intraventricular hemorrhage
  • leukoaraiosis
  • lobar hemorrhage
  • peripheral venous thrombosis
  • pontine hemorrhage
  • post-thrombolysis intracerebral hemorrhage
  • tentorial herniation
  • thalamic hemorrhage