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Neuroimaging and urodynamic findings in a patient with tuberculous meningitis and myeloradiculopathy (1)

A 50-year-old woman with bacteriologically confirmed tuberculous meningitis presented with a 4-month history of fever, headache, vomiting with hesitancy, and straining during micturition. (a) T1-weighted contrast-enhanced sagittal image of lumbar spine, (b) cervico-thoracic image (c), and axial image showed diffuse swelling of cord and enhancement of spinal meninges with CSF loculations. Urodynamic study, at baseline, showed hypocontractile detrusor with low-flow bladder and delayed sensations (228 ml), but maximum bladder capacity was normal (509ml) (d and e). Residual volume was raised (297 ml). The patient died three weeks after this imaging was performed. (Contributed by Dr. Ravindra Kumar Garg.)

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