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Typical absence seizures in childhood absence epilepsy (EEG)

A 7-year-old female with typical absence seizures in childhood absence epilepsy. Her past history was noncontributory, and sleep EEG showed no discharges. Awake EEG showed hyperventilation while standing concomitant with a 3 Hz generalized spike-wave discharge. She then stopped overbreathing, had a vague look, was not responsive, and was slightly unsteady, with body and head bent forward. Two seconds before the end of the discharge, she scratched her neck with her left hand. A few similar electroclinical events were recorded before ethosuximide was introduced, with good response. (Contributed by Dr. Athanasios Covanis.)

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Associated Disorders

  • Probably other idiopathic generalized epilepsies and benign focal epilepsies of childhood