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Ictal EEG of a typical case of myoclonic epilepsy in infancy with spontaneous myoclonic jerks only and excellent prognosis. Case 2 of Clinical vignettes.

Two electroclinical seizures were captured on video-EEG, 1 of which is shown in this figure. Clinically, the first symptom was a sudden jerk of the head and shoulders backwards. This coincided with a giant (approximately 1 mV) spike or multispike-slow-wave followed by rhythmic slow activity at around 3 to 5 Hz, together with some random spikes and slow waves. The whole discharge lasted for approximately 5 to 7 seconds. (Contributed by Dr. C P Panayiotopoulos and with permission of the publishers, Panayiotopoulos 2010.)

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Associated Disorders

  • Reflex myoclonic epilepsy in infancy
  • Simple febrile seizure