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Skeletal chemical formula of brevetoxin B

Skeletal chemical formula of brevetoxin B, a group of neurotoxins isolated from the marine dinoflagellate Karenia brevis (previously known as Gymnodinium breve and Ptychodiscus brevis). Versions of brevetoxin B are distinguished by different moieties at the site designated R: (1) brevetoxin-2 (PbTx-2) R = -CH2C(=CH2)CHO; (2) brevetoxin-3 (PbTx-3) R = -CH2C(=CH2)CH2OH; (3) brevetoxin-8 (PbTx-8) R = -CH2COCH2Cl; and (4) brevetoxin-9 (PbTx-9) R = -CH2CH(CH3)CH2OH. Other B-type brevetoxins include the following: (1) brevetoxin-5 (PbTx-5) R = -CH2C(=CH2)CH2OH, and the -OH at position 37 is acetylated; and (2) brevetoxin-6 (PbTx-6) like PbTx-2, with an epoxide in position 27-28. (Created by Minutemen on September 13, 2006. Public domain.)