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Subclavian artery and its branches

(1) Innominate (brachiocephalic) artery, (2) common carotid artery, (3) vertebral artery, (4) thyroid axis, (5) superior thyroid artery, (6) transversalis colli, (7) superficial cervical, (8) posterior scalular, (9) suprascapular, (10) superior intercistal, (11) deep cervical, (12) internal mammary (internal thoracic), (13) posterior scapular, and (15) ascending cervical. Other structures shown: (a) first rib, (b) scalenus anticus, (c) thyroid, (d) phrenic nerve, (e) vagus nerve, and (f) recurrent laryngeal nerve. (Contributed by Dr. Douglas Lanska. Source: Cunningham DJ. The Dissector’s Guide: Being a Manual for the Use of Students: Head and Neck. Edinburgh: Maclachlan and Stewart, 1887.)