Interventional neuroradiology for neurologic disorders

Victor Schulze-Zachau MD (

Dr. Schulze-Zachau of University Hospital of Basel has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Kristine Ann Blackham MD (

Dr. Blackham of University Hospital of Basel in Basel, Switzerland, has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

K K Jain MD, editor. (

Dr. Jain is a consultant in neurology and has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Originally released January 5, 2021; expires January 5, 2024


When compared to other medical fields, interventional neuroradiology stands out not only as one of the youngest subspecializations but also as a field with compelling growth over the last 2 decades. The need to take care of patients with otherwise difficult-to-treat conditions; the rapid technical evolution of hardware and software; and the interdisciplinary collaboration of radiology, neurology, neurosurgery, and other fields have led to a versatile and exciting discipline. Although the need for randomized and controlled studies to objectify the benefits and risks of neurointerventional procedures continues, it is already clear that modern medicine cannot do without interventional neuroradiology.

Key points


• Minimally invasive, image-guided neurointerventions are elegant alternatives to surgery or long-term medication and provide treatment accessibility in cases that lack other therapeutic options.


• Minimally invasive, image-guided neurointerventions encompass a variety of indications and can be performed with fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and angiography – or a combination of modalities.


• Rapid growth of the field, particularly in randomized trial data supporting neurointerventional treatments, has resulted in frequent updates to national guidelines and practice parameters.


• Neurointerventionalists and their patients rely on a dependable relationship with referring physicians as well as robust interdisciplinary collaboration between neuroradiology, neurology, and neurosurgery.

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