Recently Updated Articles

The following is a comprehensive list of articles added or updated in the past 30 days. The dates shown indicate when the article was published and not when the article was finalized by the editor; the editorial finalization date is noted as the "Last Reviewed" date at the top of each article. This list is updated weekly.

Absence status epilepticus (01/09/2020)
Acute pandysautonomia (12/27/2019)
Aminoacylase 1 deficiency (12/27/2019)
Back pain (01/15/2020)
Becker muscular dystrophy (01/08/2020)
Behcet disease (01/10/2020)
Candidiasis of the nervous system (01/15/2020)
Central alveolar hypoventilation (01/22/2020)
Central neurocytoma (01/15/2020)
Central neuropathic pain (01/22/2020)
Cerebral folate deficiency (01/08/2020)
Cerebral toxoplasmosis (01/10/2020)
Convulsive syncope (01/08/2020)
Critical illness myopathy and polyneuropathy (01/08/2020)
Cryptococcal meningitis (01/22/2020)
Driving and epilepsy (01/15/2020)
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (01/15/2020)
Ependymal and choroid plexus cysts (01/08/2020)
Epilepsy with myoclonic-atonic seizures (12/24/2019)
Epilepsy with progressive mental retardation (12/24/2019)
Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (01/08/2020)
Fatigue in multiple sclerosis (01/22/2020)
Fever: neurologic causes and complications (01/22/2020)
Headache associated with acute substance use or exposure (01/15/2020)
HMG-CoA lyase deficiency (12/27/2019)
Hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage (01/15/2020)
Idiopathic sensory and sensorimotor neuropathies (12/24/2019)
Joubert syndrome (01/22/2020)
Levetiracetam (01/15/2020)
Metabolic encephalopathy and metabolic coma (01/15/2020)
Migraine aura without headache (01/22/2020)
Multiple sclerosis: biological differences in children and adults (01/22/2020)
Myasthenia gravis (01/22/2020)
Myoclonic seizures (12/27/2019)
Myoclonic-atonic seizures (12/24/2019)
Neuroimaging in acute stroke (01/16/2020)
Neuropathies associated with monoclonal gammopathies (12/24/2019)
Neuropsychologic correlates in pediatric sleep apnea (01/22/2020)
Neurosurgical management of chronic pain (01/22/2020)
Niemann-Pick disease types A and B (01/22/2020)
Nucleoside analogue neuropathies (01/08/2020)
Organophosphate neuropathy (01/22/2020)
Paraneoplastic sensory neuronopathy (12/24/2019)
Percutaneous treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniations (01/15/2020)
Periodic paralysis and related disorders (12/24/2019)
Phantom limb pain (01/15/2020)
Polyneuropathy associated with anti-MAG IgM antibodies (01/07/2020)
Posttraumatic sleep disturbance (01/10/2020)
Pre-mild cognitive impairment (12/24/2019)
Primary carnitine transporter deficiency (01/15/2020)
Radiologic abnormalities in patients with neuropathy (01/06/2020)
Recurrent meningitis (01/08/2020)
Sleepwalking (01/10/2020)
Spinal accessory neuropathy (01/15/2020)
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 (12/24/2019)
Syncope (01/08/2020)
Takayasu arteritis (01/08/2020)
TIAs (vertebrobasilar) (12/24/2019)
Vertigo (12/24/2019)
Viral hemorrhagic fevers: neurologic complications (12/24/2019)
West Nile virus (12/24/2019)
Whiplash injuries (01/22/2020)

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